Anno Domini 1997, April

Kultcha is a wall newspaper that Kerry Thornley wrote, edited, self-published and distributed in-and-around the Little Five Points / Atlanta, Georgia area for almost 15 years during the 1980s and 1990s.

Thornley pushed Kultcha on the streets to champion his unique outlook regarding life, politics, philosophy, the JFK assassination and the counter-culture movement he created.

These are the first 30 issues of Kultcha provided courtesy of IllumiNet Press.


Table of Contents

  1. KULTCHA: The Issue of Kultcha and the Cultural Issue
  2. The Soluble Fisherman
  3. GOULDISM: The Significance of Stressing the Insignificant
  4. The Unflagging Anarchist Activity Handbook, Part I
  5. Division & Conquest
  6. The Unflagging Anarchist Activity Handbook, Part II
  7. Stairway to Hell
  8. Why your manipulators want you to discuss culture instead of:
  9. The Brain of Radicalism
  10. Brother-in-Law
  11. Victorian Prussianism
  12. The Paymaster of Prussianism
  13. Adventures of an Anarcho*Surreal Vandal
  14. Nazi Ties
  15. How To Isolate a War Crimes Conspiracy Witness
  16. The Masturbatory Politiks of Conspiracy
  17. Amourality
  18. Continental Criminals
  19. Part One: The Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism
  20. Part Two: The Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism
  21. How to Become a Card-Carrying Member of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party
  22. Fascist Nightmare Comix, Part I
  23. Fascist Nightmare Comix, Part II
  24. Bureaucratical Blame
  25. Amy Ray
  26. Unearth the Lost Knowledge! Real Estate Terminology Review
  27. Obituaries
  28. Coman-Ra
  29. Anarcho-Surreal
  30. Secret Weapons of the Sub-Genius

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Bulletin #1 1985

KULTCHA: The Issue of Kultcha and the Cultural Issue

These days, everybody wants to talk about culture - particularly when it is related to diverse issues such as Religion, sex or whether a given painting or flower arrangement is subversive.

That there are a lot of cryptic symbolism in the arts (and in ads, political speeches etc.) is only symptomatic that censorship is a reality which has driven politics into the cultural realm in cases where politics has not simply chosen to invade.

That the arts are an excellent forum for spreading political ideas while sidestepping the boredom associated with blatant propaganda is recognized by anarchists as it was by Maso Tse-tung.

Even Mao, though, wrote beautiful apolitical poetry -- contrary in practice to his urging that "all our art" express the proletarian line.

Without the State there would be no politics; it would be the "end of history." Culture would endure.

The statist socialist and Objectivist capitalist contention that culture should be dominated by political goals -- as in Socialist Realism and Romantic Realism -- conditions people to think there is no culture or society without government. It contradicts liberty as harshly as the bourgeois notion that culture should never be contaminated with socially relevant criticism.

In a world with hundreds of cultures there is, however, a far more pertinent problem: how to ignore cultural differences in order to cooperate in political struggle.

When Lawrence of Arabia first began organizing desert tribes he told them they were "a silly people" for quarreling about customs instead of uniting against the Turks.

In reading Fanon, I was most impressed by the similarities in problems African cultures face struggling against colonial cultural values to those encountered here in the U.S. by the counter culture against the same imperialism.

I feel like telling the people who always want to change the subject from genocidal racism to religious theories and sexual lifestyle disputes that they asked for this.

This is KULTCHA: Dedicated to Dylan Thomas -- whoever he was.


Ho Chi Zen

Bulletin #2 11 November 1985

The Soluble Fisherman

"Since his death, Confucius has led a chequered career. Awarded the title of 'Duke' five centuries after his death, he lost it again a thousand years afterwards, only to be worshipped equally with Heaven four centuries later. After another century, he is being harshly criticized. No one knows what the future holds with regard to his reputation. True to his reputation for equanimity, he has not complained much about these reversals of fortune."

(From Dictionary of Asian Philosophies by Stl Elmo Nauman, Jr. - Philosophical Library, 1978)

I admit my paranoia sometimes gets the better of me. In connection with Tom Coffin, driving force behind The Great Speckled Bird, this has happened more than with most. Speaking of the sixties, he says, in Vol. 2, #4 of Open City: "I never felt personally that because we wore flowers in our lapels that meant we were the wave of the future." My first suspicion: This is a trap; he wants me to say: "What lapels?" How many even owned suits? And who doesn't wear flowers in lapels? And why does Tom Coffin, in everything he says or writes, always say something like that? And, yes, what lapels?

Jacques Baron on Addre Breton: "...this cold-blooded animal has never contributed anything but the rankest confusion to whatever he has been involved in." Andre Breton on the soldier as art critic: "...I cannot help but consider the constitution -- both of men and events -- of scientific socialism as a model school. As a school of an ever more profound understanding of human need which must aim, in all areas and on the largest possible scale, at finding satisfaction, but also as a school where each person must be free to express in any and every circumstance his way of seeing things, and must be ready to justify endlessly the non-domestication of his spirit." (Hear! Hear!)

I found something at last in The Manifestoes of Surrealism that I cannot disagree with -- except for some perhaps mischievously confusing rhetoric at the top of the second page -- his address to Czhech Communists in 1936. On the whole it was a beautifully and untypically coherent statement -- with more than just the usual few brilliant quotable lines to recommend it, defining precisely his objections to Socialist Realism. The end for social organization to serve not, except incidentally, a means. Although there is a quote from Trotsky about winning bread and poetry. Thus Breton wound up much positioned as a physicist justifying pure research -- well and good as far as it went. Also by quoting authorities who denied, without evidence, that art is bourgeois propaganda, he weakened his argument. Art, as he points out elsewhere, is pressed into service of capitalist culture via co-optive methods (principally renumeration). It is a failure of socialism to wish upon it a similar role of servitude under socialist regimes -- resorting besides to even cruder methods. Liberating art from social co-option altogether makes sense in revolutionary terms. BREAD AND POETRY!

-- Kerry Wendell Thornley 1986


Bulletin #3 1986

GOULDISM: The Significance of Stressing the Insignificant

It was 19th-Century railroad capitalist Jay Gould who said the way to cure unemployment would be to hire one half of the jobless to kill the other half.

Writing about the Spanish anarchist movement, Bookchin notes two principal factions, both inspired by the atheist anarchism of Bakunin. There were the radical bourgeois -- very literate persons of middle-class background who were anti-clerical and critical of traditional sexual mores. There were also proletarian anarchists who opposed the Church and endorsed Free Love, but whose main targets were capitalism and government.

As much has usually been true of radicalism in general. without the disaffected bourgeois intelligencia there is a trend toward range-of-the-moment pragmatism bereft of theory and explicit rational values. Success is brief, followed by a loss of momentum. Yet, of course, without the proletariat there is no getting off the drawing boards.

Between these necessary components of any progress is the weak link of differing attitudes toward religion and lifestyle extensions of faith or unbelief.

Making anti-clerical libertinism their mainstay, the radical bourgeois found a great deal in common with Social Darwinist reactionaries who in many instances were also atheists and libertines. Yet such matters were so unimportant to the working class Spanish anarchists that, even in refusing Church-sanctioned marriage, they tended to practice strict lifelong monogamy. Bookchin describes them -- the goal being to attract the conventional masses. As a result they recruited large numbers of very conformistic people who remained that way in spite of converting intellectually to the principles of free organization.

Thus the stage was -- inadvertently and with the best of intentions -- set for dividing the movement. This was in fact done and still is done simply by emphasizing lifestyle -- a cultural matter of minor political significance -- at the expense of all else.

That strategy of Gouldism has been refined over the years so that today most revolutionists argue only with each other -- about culture.

"The native intellectual nevertheless sooner or later will realize that you do not show proof of your nation from its culture but that you substantiate its existence in the fight which the people wage against the forces of occupation."

-- Franz Fanon

Ho Chi Zen

Bulletin #4 1986

The Unflagging Anarchist Activity Handbook, Part I

"It was in reality such 'hardnosed liberals' as the CIA's Tracy Barnes and Edward Lansdale (for whom Ellsberg worked in Vietnam) and Kennedy's chief military advisor Maxwell Taylor who advocated clandestine war, or Special Forces warfare, as an alternative to conventional military and diplomatic options and thus got the U.S. involved untenably in Cuba and Vietnam."
From The Yankee And Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby, p. 59

Suicide squads of a fanatical and bloodthirsty organization called the United States Marine Corps. . . This terrorist faction is so extreme it considers the U.S. Army and Navy too moderate . . . (Excerpts from the News As I'd Like To Hear It)

Acts of terrorism are like cracks in the bulwark of imperialism that begin to appear as the result of pressures imposed by imperialist greed upon Third World populations. They are not particularly efficient means of fighting imperialism; they are, however, symptoms of its mortality.

Terrorism also occurs because counter-insurgency strategies have thwarted the development of more effectual peasant organization for the redress of economic wrongs (coercive interventions upon the marketplace). The more imperialism succeeds in the short run, the more it insures its burial in the long run. It was the unreasonable policy of the French in Indochina that made Ho Chi Minh, instead of a moderate, the ultimate choice of the populance. It is the success of infiltration and disruption technique and the lack of channels of reforming peacefully the extremes of imperialism that create, almost directly, terrorist activity.

When you torment an individual, first that person is going to scream or cry, and then she or he is going to lash out wildly. When a population is tormented the same syndrome follows. The more efficiently individual acts of terrorism are suppressed, the greater the number of such acts to be expected -- until sooner or later imperialism is toppled.

Resorting to ever more convoluted and conspiratorial tactics, a minority is enslaving a majority that is potentially capable of eradicating that minority. Less than 10% of the world's population controls more than 80% of its land. Only the immense profitability of this mileau for the oppressor-minority lends it any stability at all. Every other factor militates for its destruction.

For a politician representing imperialist interests to treat terrorism as a perversely unnecessary evil that is simply the result of the unprovoked ill will of malevolent persons is incredibly evasive.

"To forget is also to forgive what should not be forgiven if justice and freedom are to prevail."
-- Herbert Marcuse, Eros and Civilization, p. 232

I've been mistaken all these years in assuming J. B. Stoner was convicted for the same Birmingham Sunday School bombing of which Brother-in-law accused Griffin Bell. No one was hurt in the bombing for which Stoner was jailed. A number of black children were killed in the bombing which probably served as Bell's initiation into a secret society.


Bulletin #5 1986

Division & Conquest

To create a revolutionary movement with zero appeal to both intellectuals and workers, deprive its adherents of the consolations of religious theory without allowing them the liberties and pleasures permitted by atheism. That way, you will attract only submissive neurotics and oppositional infiltrators and you will wind up -- if your goal is communism --with the State capitalism of modern Russia and China.

Spanish anarchy was my example in Bulletin #3 only because I've studied it. Pre-Marxian European movements seem to have combined the same forces. Not content simply to overturn capital and State, the Parisians ousted God and enshrined instead Reason, Liberty and Justice. (Our Statue of Liberty is a saint of this tradition.)

Bakunin opined defiant Lucifer more fit for worship than dictorial Jehovah.

Proudhon's provincialism was quaintly exceptional and did not enjoy the popularity of his economic theories.

Even Marxism was at first culturally liberative, though Bakunin detected Prussianism in its political methods.

In America, Emma Goldman outspokenly advocated rational values, including Free Love.

Wilhelm Reich's career is symptomatic of the fragility of the link between bourgeois rationalism and proletarianism -- and it shows the incompatibility of even the most rational radicalism with reactionary free thought. About a year after being purged by Stalin he was kicked out of the European Psychoanalytic Association. Why? Probably for writing The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

At that time Reich was perhaps at the peak of his intellectual powers. Ample evidence indicates his subsequent "paranoia" issued from the stresses of rejection and persecution by Stalinist left and Freudian right alike.

Sex-Pol, his anthologized essays of that period, is a book that brilliantly indicts bourgeois sexual puritanism for the neurologically crippling, alienating, enslaving rip-off that it is.

Ho Chi Zen


Bulletin #6 1986

The Unflagging Anarchist Activity Handbook, Part II

"Supposing people were to find a book and open it and read: 'Repay injury with kindness; repay evil with good. Abracadabra, his puff but a piff. If people are hard to govern, it is because they are too wise. Fisk, lobster short and long.'"
From How the Great Religions Began by Joseph Gaer - Dodd, Mead & Company, 1956 - p. 159

Any experienced student of scriptural interpretation can tell you they would decide, "Abracadabra, his huff but a puff," means, "Avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation." As for "Fisk, lobster short and long," that would probably comprise some equally sensible advice, like, "Try not to deficate or urinate, either."

So it is the early part of January 1986... And it is sunday afternoon in The Pub. This morning Herbert Armstrong explained on television the Seven Laws of Success. I bought Growing Up Absurd at the thrift store on the way over here... Roger Lovin dodged the problems of life so facilely he seemed shallow. The sage of Walden Pond found the waters of life shallow so his words were deep, etc. I always wind up noticing the props more than the actors, the fact of the stage more than the point Hamlet was making...

The Riddle of Jack Burnsides, Rolland Heath and Kenny Rogers: "That's my sister; she can't sing." -- Kathy

In Eros and Civilization Marcuse unfortunately restricts himself to Freud's philosophical theories. He puts down the neo-Freudians and accuses Reich of an anti-Freudian heresy that individual did not commit. And that the death instinct is not misnamed is never proven. That sublimated sexuality is identical with what is called the death instinct isn't addressed. That there can be any such thing as non-destructive sublimation of sexuality is not proven.

So, compared to the contemporary wisdom of Love Generation hippies... Marcuse... is frightfully backward, and so adopts a naive tone when he occasionally ventures into more progressive opinions and speculations. In other words, he is not only no Rene Guyon or Albert Ellis, he isn't even a Wilhelm Reich... Nevertheless, Eros and Civilization is worth reading, because it began a debate that lead to greater things.

Paul Goodman's philosophy: Elect honest and imaginative politicians to office and, that failing, smash the State.

I took Acid again last weekend. What kept striking me most was the miracle of mine, or anyone else's prolonged survival. So many things can always go wrong that don't. So I live through yet another day.

The purpose of society is to secure rights. Societies that do not, without games, secure rights should be destroyed at our earliest convenience.

I am not studying to be your king or one of your embarrassingly pathetic political leaders. Organize! Don't mourn. Organize!

DON'T LET COSTA RICA HAVE ALL THE FUN! Help make National Pliers Day an international holiday./

-- Kerry Wendell Thornley


Bulletin #7 1986

Stairway to Hell

Dedicated to the memory of Bob Black's sanity and humor.

Free Love, said a Reader's Digest article of the fifties, was Red China's secret weapon. Young people were flocking to the Peoples Liberation Army because of sexual freedom in the ranks. (That unlike the rightist KMT the PLA was free of corruption and was attacking landlords who were to blame for periodic famines wasn't mentioned.) But if U.S. conservatives found Communist Free Love disturbing, their fears were short lived. When State power was consolidated all but heterosexual monogamy was stringently outlawed.

Instead of blaming British agents, critics of this trend spoke of a peasant morality -- never minding how much it in fact resembled 19th Century English Victorianism or Prussian militaristic culture. Explaining events with the aid of conspiracy theories was bad form.

Page 35 of Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung is usually cited among Maoists to justify neo-puritanism. All it says is to remember that a great many people are involved in the revolutionary process. To the cosmopolitan mind such a reminder would seem to call for tolerance of cultural diversity. Yet in practice page 35 is interpreted as if the whole world were simply and uniformly Prussian. Conclusion?

As page 35 is actually applied in both China and among U.S. Maoists it amounts to a demand for conformity to the most imperialist of all cultural values.

Had Mao simply scrawled in flawless calligraphy PIGSHIT across a page of rice paper and had that appeared as page 35 of his quotations the results could not possibly have been any more divisive of the radical left.

Page 35, as it is officially interpreted, is pigshit.

Ho Chi Zen

"For the finest victories of socialism to be sent down the drain all that remains
to be done is to re-establish religion there - why not? - and private property."

-- Andre Breton (speaking about the "ultra-conformist wretchedness" of Stalinist Russia in 1935)


Bulletin #8 1986

Why your manipulators want you
to discuss culture instead of:

"Another exchange to which I respond fearfully because of Brother-in-law's fierce attitudes, I regret as much as the chat about snuff films.

"Once he said to me: 'Kerry, the Cubans are mostly of Spanish blood, and Spaniards are White people. So if there is another war, and if there is some way of influencing where it occurs, I think it would be good if that war was against somebody other than the Cubans -- such as an Oriental race. Don't you?'

"My answer was a meek, 'Yes.'"

(from page 15 of the Famine Digest version of The Dreadlock Recollections - Kerry Wendell Thornley; 30 pages in all; the talks reported took place under Kennedy's administration between 1961 and 1963 and included plans to assassinate him which I then didn't think were serious; in 1975, because of Watergate, I realized the man I knew as Brother-in-law was probably a CIA agent)

"'Kerry, remember the Reichstag fire? You know, that's how the Nazis took over Germany. They created an emergency and then blamed it on the Communists so they could clamp down. They accused van der Lubbe of burning the Reichstag and said he was a Communist agent. Because most people believed them, the Fascists were able to rule Germany for all that time.'

"'Yeah, the Reichstag was their government record building, wasn't it?' I said so as not to seem ignorant.

"'Kerry? What if van der Lubbe had had a friend who realized he was innocent? Think what would have happened! If that friend had come forward and exposed the truth, then Germany would have been spared all those years of suffering under the Nazis.' Brother-in-law seemed inappropriately excited about such an academic speculation."

(from page 23 of the Famine Digest edition of The Dreadlock Recollections, also know as FOLK-WRITE #4)

Have you ever wondered why, after all these years, the truth about the JFK murder is still being supressed? One of the main reasons is because neither the right nor the left nor the political center wants you to discover the war in Indochina was a deliberately planned racist act of genocide. If I had understood the above van der Lubbe rap I could have known to mention this material when I testified before the Warren Commission in 1964. Since probably only a minority of the assassins wanted to expose the Nazi faction and avoid an Asian war, a compromise was probably reached where I would be given the information and then whether or not I passed it on would determine policy for all. The anti-Nazis bet that I would; I failed them: I didn't want to seem paranoid, so I discounted the conversations with Brother-in-law.

(cf. Warren Report, Vol. 11, pp 80+)

-- Kerry Wendell Thornley


Bulletin #9 1986

The Brain of Radicalism

"There is still another psychological process that I have run across in my explorations of failure to actualize the self. This evasion of growth can also be set in motion by a fear of paranoia."
-- Abraham Maslow, The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (Penguin Books, 1971)

"Paranoia is a state of heightened awareness. Most people are persecuted beyond their wildest delusions."
-- Claude Steiner, The Radical Psychiatry Manifesto

That it must be a conscious strategy of the monopoly capitalists to infiltrate leftist movements for the purpose of dividing the radical bourgeois and the proletariat seems obvious in view of the history of communist cultural disputes. Movements don't commit suicide of their own unassisted volition.

It is always among radicals of the left--and to a lesser extent, the unestablished libertarian right--that silly debates about personal esthetic and sexual options upsurp meetings, stymie projects and divide movements.

Republicans, who present no threat to the status quo, are capable of keeping cultural differences in a sane perspective. With rare exceptions like the arguing about abortion at Miami in 1972, so are Democrats.

Leftists and Libertarians are just as intelligent, yet...

Evidence of a conspiracy forever sharpening its techniques is also to be noted in that newer movements-- such as radical feminism -- carry a divisive emphasis of traditional values in the name of progressive values to ever-more-absurd extremes. What are we to conclude if not the more recently organized the movement the more sophisticated its infiltrators at getting in on the ground floor?

In other words, just as revolutionaries evaluate the results of a battle and endeavor to avoid past errors, so do the capitalists. They refine their tactics just as we improve our own -- by applying the scientific method.

Things appear to have advanced this far in the direction of preventing genuinely liberative revolution: all or most bourgeois radicals are captives of ruling class secret societies, kept in line by the threat of an ever more culturally retarded proletariat -- infiltrated with all manner of religious and reactionary agents -- culminating in a Prussian system of blackmail.

So the brain of radicalism has been severed from the body. The educated and the strong are killing one another -- about culture.

Ho Chi Zen


Bulletin #10 1986


Q. Who is this Brother-in-law guy you keep ranting and raving about?

A. Slim Brooks, who introduced me to him shortly after the Bay of Pigs invasion, in New Orleans in 1961, used to call him Brother-in-law. He was supposed to be Slim's brother-in-law and was supposed be named Gary Kirstein. But then Slim Brooks was supposed to be Roderick R. Brooks, whereas in fact I now think he was a former Minute Man named Jerry Milton Brooks.

In the middle seventies when I first began talking about Gary Kirstein I began to sense something weird in the way people responded. There was a Gary Kirstein still living in New Orleans listed with information. A reporter told me he found Gary Kirstein's name in the registers of some gun clubs. A magician in California investigating snuff films and other illegitimate practices among occultists said Gary Kirstein's name had turned up. I noticed that whoever I spoke to about him who seemed knowledgeable usually mentioned the Trilateral Commission, as if to hint.

Anyway, it eventually became pretty obvious to me that whoever I had met in 1961 in New Orleans had probably been using Kirstein's name in order to set him up. Brother-in-law had in fact hinted at the time that he was "really more like a mad scientist" than the Nazi Kirstein was supposed to be and on one occasion he spoke emotionally of a scientist named Tom Miethe. So in 1977 and early 1978 I assumed I had been dealing with Miethe undercover as Kirstein. I found that Miethe was one of Hitler's rocket scientists who wound up working for AVRO in Canada after the war.

I met two individuals who claim they knew him as a teacher of nuclear physics at Georgia Tech in Atlanta in the middle sixties. Still, people kept treating me like I was joking or crazy or trying to frame Miethe.

Then in 1978 somebody furnished me with what seemed like a hot tip that my man in New Orleans had actually been neither Kirstein nor Miethe but a Canadian businessman named Mortimer Bloomfield -- mentioned in Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal as one of John Kennedy's assassins. Since assassinating J.F.K. had been one of our chief subjects of discussion, that seemed at least possible.

Then, that same year, an assassination buff in California expressed the opinion that I had been talking to the Watergate burglar, E****d H. **** (name withheld). So I read his autobiography, Undercover. Not only did he mention being involved in a number of C.I.A. projects that the man I knew as Gary Kirstein discussed with me, a 1959 photo of him in that book exactly resembles the man I knew as Kirstein -- except that Kirstein was bald and **** at that time, wasn't. So for the past many years I've been more or less convinced I was dealing with **** in disguise.

So I call him Brother-in-law, in case I'm still wrong.

-- Kerry Wendell Thornley


Bulletin #11 1986

Victorian Prussianism

Shades of Cohn-Bendits' Obsolete Communism: The Leftwing Alternative (in France, 1968) and Socialism: A Brief History by the New Indicator Collective, San Diego State University.


"Against the clash of dynasties and rattling sabres that forged modern Europe, the story of Victoria of England and her husband Frederick of Prussian emerges as a tragic love story while opening a spy hole on the secret history of the nineteenth century. In this compelling dual biography, Victoria, Crown Princess of Prussia, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, is revealed as a valuable source of information transmitted directly from the Prussian throne to Windsor Castle...."

(from a review of Royal Web by Ladislas Farago and Andrew Sinclair appearing in CONSPIRACY DIGEST; Box 20273, Ferndale, Michigan 48220)

"The social revolution, as the Latin and Slav toilers picture it to themselves, desire it, and hope for it, is infinitely broader than the revolution promised them by the German or Marxian program."

-- Michael Bakunin, October, 1872.

"This discussion has all along been founded on the parallel between art and experience. But one of the characteristics of the Weatherman phase is a certain detachment from experience, sometimes to the point of a disintegration of the sense of reality, both in art and politics. Where the high sixties has brought the subjective participant to the forefront, as an individual, with all his contradictory needs and perceptions -- the New Journalism is a perfect example of this, or the anarchist politics of the New Left -- the Weatherman phase tended to be Leninist rather than anarchist, impersonal and abstract rather than existential, language-oriented rather than people-oriented. This is the cultural situation that developed bewtween 1968 and 1970, and though the violent, activist phase passed quickly -- and led to retrenchment and conservative backlash -- it's substantially the situation we inherit today, within the limits of a straitened economy. It's a mixed picture, and I examine it with hopelessly mixed feelings."

(from The Gates of Eden by Morris Dickstein, Basic Books, Inc., New York, 1977, pp. 215-6)

"The Marxists do not reject our program absolutely. They only reproach us with wanting to hasten, to outstrip the slow march of history, and to ignore the scientific law of successive evolution. Having had the thoroughly German nerve to proclaim in their works, devoted to the philosophical analysis of the past, that the bloody defeat of the insurgent peasants of Germany and the triumph of the despotic states in the sixteenth century constituted great revolutionary progress, they today have the nerve to satisfy themselves with establishing a new despotism, to the so-called profit of the urban workers and to the detriment of the toilers in the country."

-- Michael Bakunin, October, 1872

And Marx-Leninism tends, as is widely acknowledged,to be Victorian.


Bulletin #12 1986

The Paymaster of Prussianism

"And the fact that the hierarchists of the party have tightened up their Official groups does not excuse the mistakes (we can't always question motives, I know, many of my own errors were honest mistakes) perpetrated by any apologist for the white european racist bastards who are perpetrating genocide (bodily and culturally) in all the southern hemisphere whether they be for the eagle or the bear.
-- V.T. Lee, Former National Director, Fair Plan for Cuba Committee

Let us say, because it is uncontested, that Nazism was Prussianism's uniformed guard. And let us say, for the sake of argument (or credibility), that Marxim is the plainclothes bodyguard of Prussianism. For it would appear that the function of Communist Parties is to keep potentially effectual revolutionaries in the non-caucasion world under tight control. Ethiopia is a case in point. Do not, however, jump to the conclusion that capitalism is therefore a lesser evil. For if Marxism is the bodyguard, capitalism (particularly land monopolism) is the paymaster of Prussianism, and its pawns.

It may be Nazis who plan the holocaust and Marxists under strict centralized discipline who unwittingly co-opt and bust the opposition. It is landlords and natural resource cartels who profit by the starvation to death of more than six million non-Caucasions every five months.

If you ask: "Then what hope is there?" For it seems there is nowhere to turn. I can only answer: "You"ve known all along that one out of every three earthlings goes to bed hungry every night. What hope was there in that? There is more hope in understanding a problem than in pushing it out of mind."

"One must distinguish between the prejudices of the people and those of the privileged classes. The prejudices of the masses are based only on their ignorance and run counter to their own interest, where the prejudices of the bourgeoisie are based precisely on their interest. Which of the two is incurable? The bourgeoisie, without any doubt."
-- Michael Bakunin, The Politics of the International, 1869

"Just as the State is always trying within its borders to abolish equality of social position among its subjects and to perpetuate this seperation by differences of caste and class, so externally, too, it may take care to keep itself distinct from all other Governmental organizations and to instill into its citizens the belief in their national superiority over all other peoples."
--Rudolf Rocker, Nationalism and Culture, 1933


Bulletin #13 1986

Adventures of an Anarcho*Surreal Vandal

"Freud had insisted that all civilization was built on repression, but American society in the forties and fifties was far more repressive than the common good required. Freud had made a similar point about the late Victorians, but, as Herbert Marcuse was fond of pointing out, advanced industrial society had perfected methods of manipulation and control -- what Marcuse called 'surplus-repression'-- undreamt of by our straitlaced grandfathers. Marcuse's favorite example was the mass media, especially the electronic media, which had been honed by the Nazis into a unique instrument of propaganda and totalitarian domination, and which (according to Marcuse) served as a subtle weapon of conformity even in the democratic countries, making a hollow shell of our formal liberties and representative institutions."
-- Morris Dickstein, The Gates of Eden, pp. 67-8

Every surrealist work is a Rorschach. The creative projection with which an ambiguous work of art is perceived is material with which you could survey and probe the popular psyche -- if you want to find out what others are thinking. If you don't care what others think and do not think, then you are probably nearing enlightenment and may wish to perform miracles instead of art -- making sure not to compromise your vandalistic standing. Let's take the example of a SubGenius miracle that illustrates a rule beginners should keep in mind, to wit: a half-assed miracle is better than no miracle at all.

I learned this as a rainmaker in 1978 in California, when four years of drought ended in a flash flood that sewpt corpses out of the Tujunga hillside cemetery. Now this was not exactly a resurrection of the dead. We got them out of their graves, all right. But we didn't know how to bring them back to life. So we settled for a few grizzly, rotting corpses in people's yards and in the streets. To anyone raised in the millenial and messianic expectation of Judeo-Christianity this stunt must have looked pretty cheap.

Maybe they even thought it was in poor taste, for that was the opinion expressed by Krupp Komics.

It is like Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst said, though: "Everywhere you got people who gripe. I say to hell with them."

Subgenius miracles are like olives. You have to develop a taste for them.

Rev. J. Sump,
Minister of the Miraculous

Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party
(R.S.V.P.) "A mighty farce for revolution."


THE ABOVE RAIN seemed then to prove techniques in L.T. Culling's Sex Magick. That you could believe. I'm told it was in fact a Jesuit trick*imitating a CIA-KGB weather control conspiracy. That you won't believe. Blindness is slavery.

R. S. V. P.

*Or, if not Jesuit, somebody else -- a conspiracy, though.

Bulletin #14 1986

Nazi Ties

Q. Who are these Nazis you're always ranting and raving about?

A. Brother-in-law claimed that when WWII ended I.G. Farben and/or Krupp financed secret societies that infiltrated the governments of both the U.S. and U.S.S.R., determined, I guess, to keep Russia and America from ever ganging up on Germany again. During the Hitler-Stalin Pact, as he also often reminded me, there were a lot of individuals like Molotov who couldn't make up their minds whether to be Nazis or Communists. (I've heard since that survivors of that era say there was about as much difference between one side and the other as between McDonalds and Burger King.) In Metapolitics: Roots of the Nazi Mind there is an excerpt from an actual memo of Hitler's instructing that Bolshevicks be admitted to the Nazi Party without the usual screening! In The Yankee and Cowboy War is described how Nazi Intelligence Chief, General Gehlen, came over to the CIA when the war ended without so much as a reduction of rank.

"In the fourth week of May, soon after his arrest, Karl Wolff had spoken confidentially to two of his SS subordinates.... 'We'll get our Reich back again,' the Obergruppenfuhrer assured them," says OPERATION SUNRISE (p191) of OSSSS negotiations. When the Sunrise "seperate peace" treaty fell through, because Kim Philby sabotaged it, the CIA and SS and Catholic Church, through whom they often communicated, seem to have gone ahead with a secret society to attain its ends.

There is also a secret Nazi organization founded by one of Hitler's friends called the Vril Society which teaches that the Germans, being "the most intelligent race," are forces to rule the world. In addition, there are Tibetan secret societies that maintain wartime ties between German Nazis and Japanese.

There were also some German rocket scientists who realized that Hitler was losing the war in the last days and who therefore made contingency plans involving ties with Soviet intelligence. When the war ended some were captured by the Russians while others fell into the hands of the U.S. and wound up in the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. When Birchers cite evidence of a CIA-KBG conspiracy they may be talking about a working alliance that resulted from comparing notes about what their respective German scientists were engaged in -- namely, free energy sources, mind control and flying saucers. Lee Oswald may have brought Marina Oswald to this country as a volunteered hostage in an information pool between the CIA and KGB about these projects, particularly mind control. Marina's uncle was a colonel in the Soviet GRU.

These Nazis are so powerful that there is starvation nearly everywhere in Asia except China and Japan, in Africa also, and among Latin Americans without pure Spanish blood. Nor is there massive hunger in any Caucasion nation. People are so brainwashed they think this is coincidence, when they think about it at all.

--Kerry Wendell Thornley


Bulletin #15 1986

How To Isolate a War Crimes Conspiracy Witness

  1. Spread the rumor that, in spite of hip 27 Dec. '81 declaration to the contrary, he communicates cryptically through physical gestures, seating choices, etc., so people will think he is a sneaky "right-hip-pocket" hypocrite.
    Richard Nixon will help you.

  2. Spread the rumor, also, that he ordinarily expresses himself in cant language and make everyone always answer him as if he were speaking cant, so every conversation will be a phoney, alienating experience and so you can discount his testimony as something other than a description of a Nazi conspiracy to murder most human beings.
    Richard Nixon will assist.

  3. Early on get his opinion of money and banking, so the bankers will pay you and the Shamballa to persecute him. When he wises up and begins keeping his opinions to himself, get those who owe banks money to pay you and the Gerrmatch and the Argarthe to persecute him for insufficient enthusiasm about monetary mutualism. Meanwhile, keep changing the subject from genocide to banking.
    Get Richard Nixon's help.

  4. Or, whenever he mentions the assassinations or the Vietnam War conspiracy, ask him what he thinks of Jesus and then sick whichever religious fanatics are offended on him.

  5. Destroy his sex life -- kidnap pets of his lovers, rape their sisters, spread the rumor he has AIDS, etc., etc. -- and from then on bombard him with unsolicited advice all the time about how to get Republicans, landlords, oilmen and Nazis to get him laid. Send perfect strangers to him with insultingly personal questions. Try even to tell him when to masturbate.
    Richard Nixon and a number of his friends will be only too glad to become very much involved.

  6. Tell people he is "old," in intelligence community slang -- that he learned his first cant word before 1978 -- so that many agents will talk to him over his head.
    If they don't believe you, tell them to ask Nixon.

  7. Scare away his support among sexual liberals and gays, earned through years of work for erotic minority rights, by spreading the rumor he is actually a crypto-puritan vice cop.
    Richard Nixon will help you make this lie convincing.

  8. Promote similar scams among Jews, South African blacks and Atlanta blacks, etc., so everyone with pressing reasons to fight Nazism won't listen to him.
    Richard Nixon will probably even help you here.

  9. Tell people you intend to make him their king. There is a sucker born every minute and that way they will worry about his politics instead of listening to his testimony.
    This may have been Nixon's idea to begin with.

  10. Use him to divide anarchists on behalf of authoritarians by leading the activist anarcho-capitalist libertarians to believe he is one of them instead of a left philosophical anarchist. Then call him a hypocrite for wanting war crimes trials more than he wants instant abolition of the State.
    Richard Nixon will join and mislead the impatient anarchists for you.

  11. Get CIA executives who sign things without reading them to appoint Richard Nixon his bodyguard, so Nixon can use him to piss off and thus to assassinate Nixon's enemies.

--Kerry Wendell Thornley
PUZZLING EVIDENCE: 100% of electronic media consulted disagree with this view of Tricky Dicky. Why have they stopped kicking Dick Nixon around? Anyway, the dirty tricks are real and the stench of Nixon and Royal Arch Mason, Gordon Liddy, is very much present in connection with them.


Bulletin #16 1986

The Masturbatory Politiks of Conspiracy

In the closing days of WWII, Allen Dulles of the CIA met secretly with high-ranking SS officers, including Karl Wolff. What did they decide? We can only make an educated guess based on present conditions which, at least, are richly suggestive. What follows is speculative fiction.
Karl, I don't think you guys should surrender. My brother, John, and I have always liked German Big Business and life in the OSS was pretty mundane -- not like my frat house days. You guys, with all your neato emblems and mystic rituals must've had a lot of fun in the war. So I think we should join forces in a secret new post-war elite.

But Hitler is a madman; he's losing the war. Only I.G. Farben supports him any longer. So who would bankroll us?

I've been thinking about that. Karl, do you know most of the wealth in America is owned by elderly women?

Also in Germany -- especially since the war has made so many widows.

My assistant, Mary Bancroft, is in therapy with Carl Gustav Jung and he has a theory I think will appeal to rich little old ladies. Jung thinks the strong father-figure in the German family conditioned Germans to accept a national strongman like Hitler.

Yes, we were wrong to listen to Hitler; he's losing the war.

And that is exactly what we will tell those rich old bags -- that Germany went wrong because Germans were taught to listen only to men.

That's madness! Men are superior to women, just as the State is superior to the individual and we Caucasions are better than most people. Who fights the wars? Men! Who starts them? The State! And who benefits? Caucasions! Wars provide great opportunities for heroism and sacrifice!

Of course. Of course. If we will them that, though, we won't get their loot. Besides, some of them are Catholic and therefore officially against racism. And, anyway, why take money from those who agree with us if we can get it from the opposition, instead? We'll offer Jung's idea as a secret teaching of a secret society.

In other words -- what you American's call a con game?

Yes. We milk the old hags for all they're worth in the name of everything decadent like peace, equality and liberty -- and, of course, matriarchy.

But will not she who pays the piper call the tune?

Not if we keep her divided against the rank-in-file under us, the young men who do the dirty work -- leaving us as the arbiters holding the fulcrum of hidden power.

But how?

What do little old ladies and Catholics all agree about that healthy young men -- such as joined Youth for Hitler and OSS -- will find outrageous?

(half joking) Jacking off, maybe.

That's it! We'll get the little old ladies to tell the young guys not to masturbate, or only to masturbate when given permission. Then we'll play both ends against the middle.

Today, silly arguments about jacking off; tomorrow, famines in Africa, Asia and Latin America. I can see it already!


Bulletin #17 1986


"The claim of the State Socialists, however, that this right would not be exercised in matters pertaining to the individual in the more intimate and private relations of his life is not borne out by the history of governments....

Whatever, then, the State Socialists may claim or disclaim, their system, if adopted, is doomed to end in a State religion, to the expense of which all must kneel; ...a State code of morals, which will not content itself with punishing crime, but will prohibit what the majority regard to be vice; ...."

--Benjamin Tucker, "State Socialism and Anarchism",
Instead of a Book (1983)

"The twisted outgrowths of this society, such as pornography and prostitution, will be forcibly abolished right off the bat and their re-emergence not tolerated."

--Bob Avakian, Revolutionary Communist Party

"Nor does the Anarchist scheme furnish any code of morals to be imposed upon the individual. 'Mind your own business' is its only moral law. Interference with another's business is a crime and the only crime, and as such may properly be resisted. In accordance with this view the Anarchists look upon attempts to arbitrarily suppress vice as in themselves crimes. They believe liberty and the resultant social well being to be a sure cure for all vices. But they recognize the right of the drunkard, the gambler, the rake, and the harlot to live until they shall freely choose to abandon them."

--Benjamin Tucker, "State Socialism and Anarchism",
Instead of a Book (1983)

"As for homosexuality, this too, is perpetuated and fostered by the decay of capitalism, especially as it sinks into deeper crisis. This is particularly the case because of the distorted, oppressive man-woman relationships capitalism promotes."

--Bob Avakian, Revolutionary Communist Party

"Even in so delicate a matter as that of the relations of the sexes the Anarchists do not shrink from the application of their principle. They acknowledge and defend the right of any man and woman, or any men and women, to love each other for as long or as short a time as they can, will, or may. To them legal marriage and legal divorce are equal absurdities. They look forward to a time when every individual, whether man or woman, shall be self-supporting, and when each shall have an independent home of his or her own, whether it be a separate house or rooms in a house with others; when the love relations between theses independent individuals shall be as varied as rare individual inclinations and attractions; and when the children born of these relations shall belong exclusively to the mothers until old enough to belong to themselves."

--Benjamin Tucker, "State Socialism and Anarchism",
Instead of a Book (1983)

Organ of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandel Party (RSVP)


Bulletin #18 1986

Continental Criminals

"Africa is a rich continent. But who benefits from the gold of Central Africa, the oil and tin of Nigeria, the iron ore of Liberia, the cobalt of the Congo, the diamonds, copper and tine of Zaire, the copper and cobalt of Zambia, the gold, diamonds, platinum and chromium of South Africa?

"Not the African people, that's for sure. The big fortunes, the big houses, the great wealth is almost all concentrated in New York, London and Paris, that is, in the hands of those criminals who ripped off a whole continent.

"This does not prevent George Shultz from claiming that capitalism will bring 'liberation' to the Arfrican people.

"Capitalism could start by liberating the African nations from their $175 billion debt burden to the big commercial banks. These countries are expected to fork over $24.5 billion a year from 1986 to 1990 in debt repayment, which is more money that they earn from their entire export earnings!

"And all the time, these export earnings are plummeting, as the prices on the international capitalist market continues to drop for Zambia's copper, Chad's cotton, Nigeria's oil. That's another way the imperialists rob Africa....

"The causes of Africa's troubles lie mostly outside the continent, in the capitals, banks and corporate board rooms of the nations which met last month in Tokyo. They do not owe the African people 'aid'. They owe billions of dollars, pounds and francs in reparations to pay back for all that they have stolen and the suffering they have caused."

--Andy Stapp, WORKERS WORLD, 5 June 1986

"Each minute, 24 people (18 of whom are children) die of hunger. Starvation claims 35,000 lives a day, between 13 and 18 million lives a year. One billion of us are chronically, painfully malnourished.

"So, those are the facts, with numbers topping Holocaust proportions. More people have died from hunger in the past two years than were killed during World War I and II combined."

--CREATIVE LOAFING, 30 November 1985


Bulletin #19 1986

Part One:
The Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism

"Times were I would complain to him (Brother-in-law) about the irrational brutality of the Nazis, or their authoritarianism, and he would remind me that 'the German family unit, with the importance of the German father -- its patriarchical structure -- is probably to blame for much of that.'

"'Maybe so,' I said.

"'The original European tribalists did not even worship a father-god as their primary diety. Why do you think the Mother of Jesus is so much more important to European Catholics than Christ or Jehovah? The Church could never have won their ancestors over without the cult of the Virgin. And with the Church came Roman imperialism, Kerry -- so it was imperialism that introduced patriarchy to Europe.'

"What excited possibilities came to mind! Druids forming ancient secret societies to combat the foreign oppressor from Rome, leading to the organization of alliances between tribes of Visigoths and Vandals -- gradually surrounding the heart of the empire with raging colonial peoples who would bring it crumbling to its foundations.

"Witches against the Caesars!"

--Kerry Wendell Thornley, The Dreadlock Recollections

"How, we might ask, did this word Pagan come to include newly emerging nature religions? Until the late 1960s the word had been used to designate either an ancient or indigenous tribal religion or an irreligious, immoral approach to life.

"The change may have been due largely to Kerry Thornley, a man who appears in the next chapter in a most amusing role. Thornley, under the unlikely name of Omar Ravenhurst, helped found a complex of delightfully bizarre and surrealist Neo-Pagan groups -- among them the Erisians, the Discordian Society, the POEE, the Erisian Liberation Front -- all devoted to the Greek goddess of chaos and strife, the Lady Eris. In 1966 a communitarian group called Kerista. He noted that B.Z. Goldberg, in his book The Sacred Fire, had observed that one function of primitive religions had been to provide refuge and relief; to lift temporarily the taboos of the society. Goldberg, according to Omar, wrote: 'What was forbidden at large in the bush not only was permitted, but in fact, became a duty in the temple of the gods.'

"Taking off from Goldberg, Omar said that since the Jewish and Christian traditions were not credible in this age of science, they should be abandoned. He wrote: 'Let us forget them. Instead, let us look at the jobs of the far less intellectual, but far more constructively functional religions of old. These were the "pagan" religions -- the religions that survive to this day in England and the United States as "witchcraft."'

"Pagan religions 'both stabilized and overthrew the social structure.' Modern psychotherapy, sensory awareness workshops, and existential games were attempting to do the same things..."

--Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon, p. 275-76, Beacon Press, Boston, 1979


Bulletin #20 1986

Part Two:
The Roots of Revolutionary Vandalism

"As for Kerista, that group espoused spontaneity, community, eroticism, and liberty. Omar wrote that the aims of Kerista and Paganism, in general, were strongly opposed to dogma and creed: 'Kerista is a religion and the mood of Kerista is one of holiness. Do not, however, look for a profusion of rituals, dogmas, doctrines and scriptures. Kerista is too sacred for that. It is more akin to the religions of the East and, also, the so-called pagan religions of the pre-Christian West. Its fount of being is the religious experience and that action or word or though which is not infused with ecstasy is not Kerista. And Kerista, like those religions of olden times, is life-affirming.'

"Kerista disappeared and Young Omar became involved with the vagaries and intricacies of the Lady Eris, but he was perhaps the first person, at least in the United States, to use the word Pagan to describe past and present nature religions. Some have actually alleged that the entire Neo-Pagan movement is an Erisian Plot (see next chapter and Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's Illuminatus!) .... "

(pp. 276-77)

"In a way, it's ridiculous to even talk seriously about the Erisians, a group, or collection of groups, that has called itself a 'Non-prophet Irreligious Disorganization' that is 'dedicated to an advanced understanding of the para-physical manifestation of Everyday Chaos,' and at other times has stated, 'The Erisian revelation is not a complicated put-on disguised as a new religion, but a new religion disguised as a complicated put-on.'

"The Discordian Society was founded (if one can call it that) in 1957 (or 1958 -- even this primary confusion has never been cleared up) by Greg Hill (Malaclypse the Younger) and Kerry Thornley (Omar Ravenhurst) .... Omar Ravenhurst went on to form his own Erisian organization, the Erisian Liberation Front (ELF) ...."

(pp. 304-5)

"Other Erisian cabals formed. At one point there were rumored to be more than twenty, although some may have had a membership of only one. Since radical decentralization is a Discordian principle, it is impossible to know how many Discordians there were and are, or what they are doing. Most of these cabals engaged in various nonviolent, absurdist, revolutionary, magical and surrealist endeavors. A number of these 'actions' were done under the name of the supposed 'Bavarian Illuminati,' a rather mysterious organization founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. The Erisian 'Illuminati' have mostly been the inspirations of someone known as Thomas the Gnostic. Similar actions were initiated by ELF. Omar Ravenhurst, for example, invented a Do-It-Yourself Conspiracy Kit, complete with assortments of stationery bearing dubious letterheads....

"'Eris is an authentic goddess. Furthermore, she is an old one. In the beginning I was myself as Malaclypse the Younger. But if you do this type of thing well enough, it starts to work'.... I asked Malaclypse, 'What's Omar Ravenhurst doing these days?' He said, 'Ravenhurst has recently been in a state of extreme discord. We were talking about Eris and confusion and he said, "You know, if I had realized that all of this was going to come TRUE, I would have chosen Venus."!"

-- Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon (pp. 308-312)


Bulletin #21 1986

How to Become a Card-Carrying Member
of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party

  1. Get yourself a deck of cards and carry it with you at all times. If they are playing cards, learn to deal from the bottom of the deck and make money that way to pay for paint, markers, stencils, bail, etc. If they are Tarot Cards, tell fortunes in order to finance your vandalism.

  2. Add the initials, R.S.V.P., to your "sign" to indicate your membership and agreement with these principles.

  3. Vandalize only property anarchists would define as "theft" or "impossible" rather than "liberty."

  4. To find out what anarchists think, read anarchist books, which can be found on the 2nd Floor of the Atlanta Public Library (Central), principally in the 335.83 section (also: 300.1, 301.6, 320.1, 320.57, 322.42, 335.4, 364.106, 370.973, 821.7, 947.0841 and 977.3) and order from Laissez Faire Books, 206 Mercer St., New York 10012 (Anarchist Catalog, $1) or the Mackay Society, Box 131 Ansonia Station, New York 10023 or Everyday Books, Box 206, Willimantic, CT 06226 or send for sample copies of ANARCHY: A Journal of Desire Armed, c/o C.A.L., Box 380, Columbia, MO 65205.

  5. If you wish to join one of our front organizations, contact the Anarchist Surrealist Party (ASP) c/o Surreal Estates, Box 23061, Knoxville, TN 37993.

Dedicated to Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was

Organ of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party (RSVP)


Bulletin #22 1986

Fascist Nightmare Comix, Part I

Imagine anyone, humane by temperament & devoted to rational values, actually adapting to the intelligence community or the world of conspiracy politics as they are pictured in canted communications:

If you oppose statist retribution & its filthy, inhumane penal system which breeds far more crime than it cures & if you oppose enshrining the human frailty of vengeance in the dignity of law, you are accused of trying to mess up a beautiful blackmail system that has been carefully refined by social-conscious conspirators to keep all sorts of totalitarians & racists & sex bigots down;

If you oppose institutional secrecy because an uninformed electorate can't possibly safeguard a democracy, you are told you must "pay" for exposing the secrets of govts., corps., churches, civic clubs & secret societies by suffering, tit for tat, the most humiliating invasions for every scandal you air about a munitions cartel or bank or Nazified police agency, etc., as if merchants of death are endowed with rights & individuals aren't;

If you oppose the absentee control of land and natural resources because it is the most profitable contributor to the de facto holocaust of starvation decimating every six months more people among the races detested by Nazis than did all Hitler's death camps, you are told that -- because of the way things are organized -- you must then sanction authoritarian govt., persecution of gays & other sex minorities, torture, mind control, secrecy, Jonestown-type cults OR central banking &, astoundingly, even the Republican Party;

If you oppose central banking -- a form of statist monopolism that directly creates cold wars, fuels inflation & corrupts revolutions -- you are told that in supporting monetary mutualism you are expected to abandon nearly all other causes, particularly eradication of secrecy and destruction of genocidal landlordism, & it becomes obvious that most enemies of the banks aren't sincere mutualists, but are gold-standard conservatives, Catholics & Moslems who understand only scriptural injunctions, not money, Satanist agents provocateurs, Detroit car makers (whose trade takes more lives than wars) & that educating the public in the economics of Proudhon, Benj. Tucker, Lysander Spooner, et. al., is in fact the last thing these fools and cads intend;

If you oppose absentee control of production because it makes for regimentation of workers that in the long run is proving not to stop short of mind control experimentation, you are told you must then support banking, parental extortion, sodiummorphate-microwaver-Pacemaker slavery & countless such bizarre outrages in what constitutes one of the most convoluted, Jesuitical, baroque & Nixonesque intolerably authoritarian conspiracies;

If you oppose coercive social organization because govt. is supported by theft (taxes), threats & violence & because bureaucracy is chaotic & militarism primitive, you are told in defiance of logic that you must then support sex bigotry & left anarchist organization controlled by Mason-Republicans as ruthlessly as is any State OR must join anarcho-capitalists under the invisible leadership of an elite cadre of assassins who seem unaware of private cartel armies of industrial espionage Satanists, etc.

"There are only two choices open to those who have discovered society is a madhouse."
-- William Irwin Thompson

(to be continued)

Dedicated to
Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was


Bulletin #23 1986

Fascist Nightmare Comix, Part II

"There are only two choices open to those who have discovered that society is a madhouse. In the tradition of Plato's cave, they can withdraw and seek light elsewhere to discover the larger landscape in which the madhouse is located. Or, if that Platonic tradition of the Good seems merely an infantile fantasy, they can deny self-determination to the insane majority and burn the madhouse to the ground to force people out into the open."
--William Irwin Thompson, At The Edge of History

If you oppose deciding who should be free or slave or live or die in terms of any single fact about them (such as race, sexual orientation or worldview) you find few if any who take the same, or even a similar, view in spite of protestations that the intelligence community is controlled by enemies of racism and that the racists -- who succeed in starving to death 15 million of their enemies a year -- are being lied to or that Ronald Reagan with the worst civil rights record in history & a mega-imperialist foreign policy is a covert anti-racist -- w/ parallel myths about a supposedly powerful feminist matriarchy (while in the real world of horrible jobs women's wages for the same work as men are lower than before) & a powerful secret society of gays (while the most ridiculous anti-sodomy laws are upheld by the Supreme Court & the most blithering, ignorant homophobia reigns within the intelligence community); as for culturally self-selecting intentional communities such as were advocated by Margaret Mead & could put all this cultural bickering behind us without cramping anyone's lifestyle, the are "right around the corner" -- like prosperity under Herbert Hoover;

If you oppose chronic & pervasive utilization of electro-chemical mind control because it constitutes a gross violation of rights & ignores the anarchist dictum that one mind is hardly sufficient to govern one life -- much less 2, 10, 100 or 1M -- you are told that opposition to genocidal landlordism is incompatible with this position, that to defeat mind control it is necessary to conspire with the KKK & the most irrational trads, sex bigots, religionists -- never minding that as a matter of historical fact mind control was developed by Nazi scientists & used on sexual minorities, LSD users & other "undesirables;" moreover, you are told this struggle must be conducted in cant language & is also incompatible w/ abolishing organizational secrecy -- as if mind control & techno-surveillance slavery couldn't be fought by alerting the whole world to their reality.

In short, to survive & prosper in contemporary conspiracy politics you must be either a capitalist, a statist or a bigot -- two out of three isn't bad & those who are all three probably have it made. The object of such a process ought to be obvious: to make rationality that accords with humanity impossible: to divide the one from the other in order to cultivate the alienated & diseased rationality of the fascist bastard, the cog in the industrial army, the mad scientist & the Gestapo bureaucract.

"I shall continue to be an impossible person as long as those who are now possible remain possible."
-- M. Bakunin

Dedicated to
Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was

Organ of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party (RSVP)

Bulletin #24 1986

Bureaucratical Blame

"To wit: effective communication is only possible between equals; one brain is hardly sufficient to govern one life, much less thousands or millions of lives; all rewards and punishments teach is how to reward and punish...."
-- Kerry Wendell Thornley, "Radical Sociology", The Spark

Above is an explication of the SNAFU Principle and its Corolaries. No statist understands these truths, which explain why "bureaucracy" is synonymous with red tape, why to call someone a "bureaucrat" is to call them incompetent and why there never has been, is not now and never will be any such thing as an efficient bureaucracy.

Whenever a government tries to streamline its bureaucracies -- by selecting only bureaucrats who are ideologically loyal and punishing gross incompetence (such as signing important papers without first reading them) -- it sooner or later begins to realize that matters are not improving and may, because of the stress of the reform drive, even be getting worse.

When that happens, they decide that someone is sabotaging them. When it happened to the Russian Stalinists, they decided the Trotskyists were to blame -- hence there were purges. When it happend to the German nationalists, they decided the Jews were to blame -- hence there was Hitler. When it happend to the American patriots, they decided the Communists were to blame -- hence there was and is McCarthyism. When it happened to the October League/Revolutionary Communist Party, they decided gay people were to blame -- hence Bob Avakian promises that after the revolution "education will be conducted throughout society on the ideology behind homosexuality and its material roots in exploiting society, and struggle will be waged to eliminate it and reform homosexuals."

Expect to hear about The Protocols of the Elders of Fire Island any day.

"What happened then, it seems, is that the witch craze produced a hysteria that created precisely what it was trying to destroy."
-- Colin Wilson, The Occult

Will the real Theodore Hodge come forth and face the music?


Bulletin #25 1986

Amy Ray

Catch her act (The Indigo Girls) & say you knew her when her fame was confined to Atlanta; she sings and writes ballads, beautifully, oozing sensuality.

If only "indigo" didn't remind me of a racist chapter in The Urantia Book, about which ...

Dedicated to
Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was


Bulletin #26 1986

Unearth the Lost Knowledge!
Real Estate Terminology Review

The panda, chosen as the World Wildlife Fund emblem over 20 years ago,
has become the symbol of endangered species everwhere.

"In theory all land belonged to the king, who gave it to his vassals in return for service. They gave lands to still lesser vassals, who might parcel it out still further. The king had the right to take back any land from any of his vassals and give it to another, and we can see from bronze inscriptions and from the literature that he sometimes did this in the early days when he was powerful. But just as in medieval Europe, the powerful vassals soon ceased to look upon their title as provisional. At first, when such a noble died it was considered necessary for the king to appoint his heir to succeed him, and to give his estates to the heir, but this soon degenerated into a mere form, if it was maintained at all. In practice the vassal looked upon his territory as his by inherited right, and it was necessary to wage war to displace him. As lesser vassals grew in power, and possessed private armies, the same situation grew up all along the line, so that if land changed hands it ordinarily did so either as a result of sale or exchange, or with the accompaniment of violence.

"Each individual who held land as a fief from a superior was commonly expected to turn over to that superior a portion of the revenues which he received from it as tribute. At the lower end of the scale was the aristocrat who, as a sort of gentleman farmer, supervised directly the work of agriculture. This supervision was delegated to the chief among his household servants, and the actual field labour was done by peasants, serfs, or slaves." (pp. 310-11)

"This period in Chinese history is most nearly comparable to the feudal age in Europe, which came something more than fifteen hundred years later." (p. 320)

-- Herrlee Glessner Creel, The Birth of China, (Ungar, 1937)

"The centuries in which the LAO TZU was produced were certainly turbulent times. China was divided into a number of states, to all intents and purposes autonomous, constantly engaged in wars of increasing scope and ferocity with one another. For the common man survival was a real and pressing problem."

-- D. C. Lau, LAO TZU: Tao Te Ching, (Penguin, 1963)

"The World Wildlife Fund is mobilizing the fascist forces to turn its nightmare of barbaric depopulation into reality."

-- Club of Life, International Bankers' Real Agenda, 1983

Notwithstanding both revolutionary and libertarian rhetoric or, at least, nearly always one or the other, there is very much evidence that today's so-called revolutionaries are in most cases simply neo-monarchistic statists while the so-called libertarians are usually just corporate feudalists.
"This monopoly consists in the enforcement by government of land titles which do not rest upon personal occupancy and cultivation. It was obvious to Warren and Proudhon that, as soon as individuals should no longer be protected by their fellows in anything but personal occupancy and cultivation of land, ground-rent would disappear, and so usury would have one less leg to stand on."
-- Benjamin Tucker,"State Socialism and Anarchism"

BEWARE           The SPACE BANKERS          Permanent
THE FALSE             See YOU               Universal
PROPHETS                                    Rent Strike

Bulletin #27 1986


No mention of counter-cultural Atlanta omits THE BIRD, although it was either more or less than counter-cultural.

First there was a BIRD. Then there was no BIRD (1976). Then there was a BIRD (1985). Now there is no BIRD -- sorely missed by Atlanta's Marx-Leninist.

Others felt it lacked diversity.

Dedicated to Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was.


Bulletin #28 1986


In 1976 I began getting letters from a man I hoped was a charming crank about "why we Fascists assassinated Kennedy." How I got on Coman-Ra's mailing list in the first place some years earlier was a mystery to me. Since 1970, though,
Greg Hill and I both had been receiving from him everything from advice about how to grow organic sprouts to racist newspapers published by White Christians who were armed and quite dangerous. In reply to one of my memos about Kirstein that had fallen into his hands indirectly, he wrote me to say that the tragedy in Dallas was plotted by the Secret Order of Thule in such a way as to assure that no cover-up could remain convincing forever. Motive: to make the American public paranoid about their government and mass media. For paranoia, he told me, is a big step in the direction of mental health.

People who become paranoid, Coman-Ra wrote, will not rest until they discover every last shred of truth. Among the devices used to encourage awareness of conspiracy were the many crude Oswald impersonations that occurred just previous to the assassination. Puzzled for more than a decade about exactly that mystery, I had to admit this was the first credible hypothesis to explain it without making the assassins look like idiots. And had they been less than geniuses, there'd have been no cover-up at all.

Coman-Ra further informed me that the conspiracy was constructed in concentric circles, like Chinese boxes, with descending levels, so that only the "man at the center" understood afterwards exactly what had happened. Of course, I could not ignore the possibility that man might have been the person I call Brother-in-law.

What brought the many loose ends in the John Kennedy murder mystery together for me was this realization that it was a maximum complicity crime. Various factions must have been deliberately implicated on a blind-alliance basis, so that once the event occurred, every group of conspirators was startled at evidence of participation by someone besides themselves.

Like Brother-in-law, Coman-Ran seemed morbidly fascinated with Hitler and Nazi Germany. Both men mentioned in particular little-known aspects of the Third Reich -- such as the secret pagan rituals of the SS and the occult beliefs of Hitler's cohorts. Both repeated a rumor that Nazi rocket scientists discovered energy secrets the oil companies were repressing to this day. And whether either or both were living some kind of macabre hoax or were absolutely fanatical was impossible to decide, since neither man was without humor. For instance, Coman-Ra always signed off with: "Love is Alive and Well."

As might be anticipated, it struck me that perhaps Coman-Ra and Gary Kirstein were the same person, so in 1977 I dropped in on Coman-Ra unexpectedly at his address in Sacramento, California. Not only was he not the same man I had conversed with in New Orleans, but it was plain that the spine-chilling ranting in his letters was just a big put-on. That isn't to say his information about the assassination could not have been valid. A warm, intelligent human being obviously unsympathetic to Fascism, he nevertheless seemed quite versed in secret society politics.

"I come on all hairy like that in my letters," he told me, "to scare off government agents."

Forget about Jesus! Think about the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. instead. They're closer to home and almost as dangerous.
Dedicated to Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was

Organ of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party (RSVP)

Bulletin #29 1986


Clearly, rational values must prevail over disguised traditional values within any culture that honestly merits being called revolutionary.

While among such values must be tolerance for older cultures and for cultural diversity among the world's masses, revolutionary culture is for revolutionaries -- to meet the needs of a category of people concerned with maintaining morale for a specific type of struggle against racism, classism, sexism and statism. Also, it is an outreach toward potentially rebellious individuals in the general populance. For these reasons it need not in any way tamely condescend to square notions of moral obedience.

So as to embody such strength of principle without becoming offensively intolerant it can simply avoid taking itself too seriously.

Anarcho-surrealism is shallowly criticized for being trivial when it is simply modest, tactful and psychologically strategic.

In its departure from conventions is some of the weight of its message, while its light-heartedness tends to soften the blow. Culture is returned to a sane perspective and does not, therefore, continue to serve as fodder for endless bickering.

See Alan Watts in the chapter of Psychotherapy East and West called "Invitation to the Dance." In his final book, Tao: The Watercourse Way, Watts praises the anarchism of Kropotkin.

Sex-Pol by Wilhelm Reich is also worth studying in this connection. In the first, and in my view unrivaled, synthesis of Marx and Freud this genius -- who had not yet been driven half mad by Marxist and Freudians, both -- shares with anarchists, social democrats, Trotskyists and many Stalinists of the day what was simply the popular wisdom: that puritanism is the backbone of bourgeois sexual morality. (That free-thinking materialist libertines were also to be found among capitalists was not taken as overwhelming proof that cultural rationalism was bourgeois and decadent. It seems to have taken the overlapping reigns of terror and virtue of Hitler and Stalin to establish the contemporary assumption that only 19th century Prussian values are not safely called decadent.)

"Every type of political power presupposes some form of human slavery, for the maintenance of which it is called into being. Just as outwardly -- that is, in relation to other States -- the State has to create certain artificial antagonisms in order to justify its existence, so also internally the cleavage of society into castes, ranks, and classes is an essential condition of its continuance. The State is capable only of protecting old privileges and creating new ones; in that, its whole significance is exhausted."
-- Rudolf Rocker, Anarcho-Syndicalism

Dedicated to
Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was


Bulletin #30 1986

Secret Weapons of the Sub-Genius

Coman-Ra Said: "Sure, antigravity has been around for a long time. Townsend-Brown had a model flying saucer flitting around a may pole in 1928. He used the Bifeld-Brown effect, which involves the behavior of a charged condenser in a magnetic field. It is the free energy device, almost.... The National Socialists in Germany took the work of Townsend-Brown and had operational flying saucers in WW 2. A book on this has been published in Germany and has gone through three editions. It is, of course, not available in the U.S." (9/27/'76 Letter)

Critique Magazine Said: "Dr. Mason Rose of the University for Social Research, published a paper describing the discoveries of Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld, astronomer and physicist at the California Institute for Advanced Studies, and his assistant, Townsend Brown. In 1923 Biefeld discovered that a heavily charged electrical condensor moved towards its positive pole when suspended in a gravitational field. He assigned Brown to study the effect as a research project. A series of experiments showed Brown that the most efficient shape for a field propelled condensor was a disk with a central dome. In 1926 T. Brown published his paper describing all the construction features and flight characteristics of a flying saucer....

"On September 10, 1981, an interesting interview was broadcast on Radio Station KTAR, Phoenix, Arizona. It featured Bill Spaulding, head of GSW (Ground Saucer Watch). The unusual interview theorized that the Government was using UFOs as a kind of mundane 'control system.' Bill Spaulding said that the American public and other portions of the world are being manipulated into a saucer belief system which is all part of a conspiracy to actually promote UFOs rather than stomp them out. The purpose is so they can carry on the things they are doing, such as cattle mutilations, Stealth aircraft testing which is invisible to radar, and mind control, among other things....

"From other sources it is claimed that the CIA, formed in 1947, took over the public image of the 'flying saucers' created by secret flights of US aircraft and artificial meteor research, etc., during the 1947-48 period. By 1950 the CIA had set into motion a plan of encouraging public belief in interplanetary travel through a psychological technique of guiding the release of planted information, ordering 'secret' tests of authentic military developments which gave misleading impressions to observers, etc. It delegated the Air Force to act as official 'investigator' to stave off public inquiry. It secretly sponsored the formation of UFO study groups and contact clubs. The CIA set up many UFO publishers, sponsored the publicity received by Adamski's books, and others. All testifying the 'extra-terrestrial'origin of UFOs; and purposely creating confusion."

--Eric Wynants, "The UFO Connection," Critique, Box 11451, Santa Rosa, CA 95406

Dreamshore Magazine Said: "He (Adamski) was an ex-bootlegger and a master con artist. Originally he had written a science fantasy about the Second Coming in which Jesus lands in a spaceship. When the story was rejected, he rewrote it with 'Orthon' instead of Jesus and submitted it as fact.... Joe and Jane Average Middle Amerikan took the Space Brothers to their hearts and pocketbooks, never realizing that they'd just finished battling that very image -- blond, white, Nordic Superman -- in WWII."

--Mela Quaternary, Dreamshore #29: "George Bush pilots a flying saucer", 618 S. Mitchell St., Bloomington, IN 47401

Dedicated to Dylan Thomas - Whoever HE Was

Organ of the Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party

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