Anno Domini 1997, April

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What to expect.

Impropaganda is a collection of unique and (hopefully) interesting material from our numerous collaborators and co-conspirators. While some of our contents may not be considered in "good taste," by definition of our name this should be obvious. If you have come thus far, don't act suprised at the sardonic and sometimes junvenile material contained herein. Individuals and organizations should write us if interested in an outlet. Additionally, we will be launching a diverse columnist section providing regularly updated news and commentary from our agents in the field.

If you want to e-mail us, feel free. We welcome all caveats, critiques and/or communiques. See our site credits page for who is involved and what our influences are.

For the record, our intent is to prevent a nightmare scenerio where people worship, for no apparent reason, these small, worthless green pieces of paper. And place more emphasis on these pieces of paper than they do on life, or on the environment. And these strange monsters have two arms, two legs and a head with two eyes and two ears. And they worshipp cars and material possessions and keep on destroying the planet they live on even though they know they were doing it. And every four hours or so, for no apparent reason, they take dead plants and animals and stuff them into these strange holes in their heads called mouths. At night they put on these strange costumes called pajamas and lie almost motionless for hours. And they are so miserable that every couple of years they line up to shoot each other, and they keep each other in complete poverty so they can build giant bombs capable of destroying all life on their planet. Thanks to Bob Dobbs for our daily slack.