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Before you continue, be sure to read the brief introduction on what these pages are all about and what you can expect from your experience.
Various links are, naturally, intended for mature audiences only. Kindly read our disclaimer before proceeding or if you are a baby just go away.
You are encouraged to drop us a line via our registry. Please tell us how you came to hear of us, or just tell us something we haven't heard before.
A list of some of the crap we are selling to offset our hosting expenses. Our products page is what it's at. Help support the site by wearing our wares.
We aren't gloating. Here we basically review the reviewers. Refer to our awards if you wish to know who awarded us with such links.
Site Credits
A list of those that have directly or indirectly contributed to the site, We steal from the best and make up the rest, usually giving credit.
Link Map
This page is under construction. One day it will be a site map in quick outline form of all available pages and links.
Viral Links
Viral links are pages linked to us, those we feel akin to in some sense, and other processes of feedback and iteration.