Anno Domini 1997, April

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Those sampled, borrowed from and outright ripped off.
Just in case you were curious.

If you are looking for information about the indivuals behind these pages, please stay tuned.

Much of our content comes thanks to Illuminet Press. They've providied plenty of material and many good vibes. Illuminet is the place for hidden knowledge and hard to find information on such matters as conspiracies, ufology, magick, alternative science and energy, to name a few. We've also designed a few book covers for him for Black Helicopters Over America and Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts!

 For inspiration on the name impropaganda, we must thank Paul Krassner, publisher of The Realist. We found this word as a headline in an issue from the 70's. This is an excellent publication and has been around for a helluva long time. It is definitely worth a subscription. For a free copy, send a SASE to:

The Realist / Box 1230 / Venice, CA 90294

Mofoco is credited to Hunter S. Thompson, must in the same vein. I've heard this referenced as "Money For College," but that ain't quite what we meant.

The 3D Jesus voice which appears somewhere in the pages is sampled from Maggot Brain, by Funkadelic, of course. Be sure to check out this Motherpage for more on the PFunk.

The picture of Jesus that appears is taken from some subgenious literature. We love the Bobstuffs, such as some of the goofiness of the introduction.

The salesman graphic used occasionally was scanned and manipulated from the Subvertising section of Summer 1995's Adbusterss magazine. The original artists are Lydia Eccles and Wendy Hamer for a project called "You're Socking In It", a protest against television ads in subways. To contact these culture jammers, write to:

You're Soaking In It / Box 410274 / Cambridge, MA 02141 / Tel: 617.661.1191
The baby graphic from the introduction was submitted to us by photocopy anonymously

The Emperor Norton I article is from the now defunct Note: This article was retyped by the now defunct American History magazine. We appreciate the article. We hope it comes back.

Most all the information from The Illuminati Outline of History we received from IllumiNet BBS years ago Check out the IllumiNet Press page. The file quoted Neil Wilgus' ILLUMINOIDS and other sources.

Dead Animals taken from Yellow Pages of the City of Atlanta. © them we suppose.

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