Anno Domini 1997, April

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These are tokens awarded to us as well as a few occasional (dis)honorable mentions. These self-appointed judges provided reviews and links in exchange for their self-promotional icon placement.

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DisInformation's Four Grenade Site
You gotta love the grenades. This page is excellent. We cannot recommend this page enough. Chock full of groovy stuff, running the gamut of revolutionary and other mindphucking enterprises.

Top 5% Of All Web Pages
The Point's Top 5% Of All Web Sites
This was the first award we received, resulting in a listing in the book World Wide Web Top 1000 Web Pages. Of course, when The Point emailed us that the book would be out, we ordered it, even though it was $29.99 (!) for 560 pages with lots of wasted white space. Considering that there were probably 1,000 intrigued webmasters out there that received the mailing about their book for sale, you can figure they made a decent profit solely from those of us included in this volume.

Cool Site of the Day
Infinet's Cool Site of the Day
They didn't let us know we received this honor. Ironically, we had something called Cool Site of the Hour bestowed upon us the very same day. Suddenly numerous guestbooks started coming in and we knew they could not be related. Not until a sooperkewl comrade informed us did we find out they had the link to us. Awesome page, great link. Worthy of daily visits, withoutadoubt. Perhaps the Cool Site of the Hour was just a joke, or a hint towards this link.

Yahoo's Cool Site pick of the Week
What can you say, it's Yahoo? This was features on their page for a whole week and almost shut down the server where Impropaganda is hosted. Vedddy niiiiiice.

HotWired's Surf de Jour
The woman who reviewed us was very patient to allow us to release a new version before making this review available. She was also sooperkewl and gave us some advice about moving to San Francisco, which is a dream of one of the conspirators here. We owe a lot to her for getting us thinking about marketing our designs. Check out the review for what the hell we are talking about. Our t-shirts are coming soon, by the way.

MSN's Site of the Day
What the fuck was Bill thinking? You would think he had more of a hand in what MSN links to.

McKinley's Magellan 3-Star Site
Three stars? If you think the pages are currently lame, you should have seen the previous. Perhaps that is the reason. However, in the words of Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson, and her former beau, they can "eat it." Of course we are not serious. We appreciate the link.

Cosmic Site of the Night
Adze's Cosmic Site-Of-The-Night
We don't buy into any astrology crapola, but this is a nice page.

Dynamite Site of the Night
Thayer Technologies, Inc.'s Dynamite Site of the Night
This one came right after The Point's Top 5% Of All Web Pages award. Hey, nice gesture, but these folks don't have that great of a page themselves. I mean, even their logo here is pretty poor. No doubt a publicity gimmick Hey you. No offense.

Impropaganda has also received mention in various publications such as:

The Net
The Net
Yea, you can't knock a free link, especially in this popular rag, but these people seemed like amatuers. First, their link was to an old URL, while we had registered the domain name. This is no biggie, but the link wasn't even too our start page, but instead to a subsection. We emailed the guy who wrote the rather uninformed piece and he was nice enough, coping a Nuremberg stand of "I had my orders" but we never heard back from the email address that you send thoughts and corrections to. Lame-asses.

QST Magazine
QST Magazine
Some magazine for Ham Radio. Sorry about the quality, but this was the only logo I could find on the web. They were showing how you can find stuff with search engines. They found only one link on spontaneous human combustion at the time, which of course, was to us.

Yahoo Internet Life
Love the link. It was listed under "top 10 links for the paranoid" or some such. The link was to our Illuminati Outline of History.

The World Wide Web Top 1000 Web Pages, R. E. Holznagel
We mentioned this above, in case you missed it.

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